What is Training Day?






"HackingEDU empowers future change-makers to revolutionize the World."

At HackingEDU, we are always looking for unique ways to give back to the student community.

Co-hosted with IBM, this event will feature hands-on Workshops lead by veteran developers geared towards both Beginner and Advanced coders in: Web Development, iOS, Android, Machine Learning, Hardware Hacks & IBM Technologies

How do you learn programming? A CS class in college, online courses, or browsing around Stack Overflow? Learning how to code can be very difficult and frustrating, especially if you are doing it yourself. HackingEDU Training Day aims to revolutionize this process by providing access to workshops, mentors and a community of hackers who can help students level up their skills, and build their first projects.


We are always looking for talented Mentors & passionate Volunteers to help us have kick-ass events!

Location and directions

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Public Transit: Bart to Montogomery station (10 min walk); Caltrain to 4th & King (15 min walk)

Driving: Street parking or Museum Parc Garage ($10 on weekends)

Carpooling: Ricky Rides


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Training Day?

Our Training Day Event in October are full day of technical workshops catered to coders of all skill levels. We have many tracks available, our most popular of which are: Mobile, Web Development and Hardware Hacking. Are you a beginner looking for a place to start? Our Training Day Event is the place for you! Our experienced mentors will guide you through each step of the learning process.

I can't code. Help?

Then you should definitely come! Workshops at Training Day will include Intro level Programming as well as help in other Programming Fundamentals! Mentors will also be around to answer any questions you might have and help with coding projects!

Who can attend?

Anyone! We accept a wide range of applicants, from beginner programmers, to experienced hackathon veterans. We only require that 18 or under applicants bring a signed parental consent form.

What should I bring?

All attendees are required to bring a valid government ID (ex: driver’s license, passport) for admission. Also bring your laptop, and any hardware you wish to use in your hack. We will have sponsors loaning out tons of hardware as well!

How do I get there?

HackingEDU's events are located in the SF Bay Area, more info coming soon!

How much does this cost?

FREE! All HackingEDU events are free for students! Food, swag, and other event costs are covered by our lovely sponsors.

Are high school students allowed?

Yes! Please share the event with other students and teachers since we’ve found many offer extra credit for classes going as a group! If you are under 18, we do require your parent or guardian’s permission to attend and will contact you if you are accepted for more details.

Do you have a code of conduct?

Yes! Our code of conduct is at the bottom of our page and here. TL;DR please respect all others at the event. We reserve the right to remove those who don’t make our event comfortable for everyone.

Is there Travel Reimbursement?

Unfortunately we will not be offering travel reimbursements for this event, however, we have set up a Ricky Rides carpooling page!

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